Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kids Rule Your World

Thought I'd put a picture up that had Emileah in it because I noticed all of our pictures were of Liam. Liam wore his sweater that his grandma Laurie gave him to church for the first time because Utah decided to get really cold over night.

We realized this week that when you have a kid they totally take over. Emileah and I got to go out on a date on Friday night because Aunt Lisa was nice enough to watch Liam for us. We went out to sushi and a movie. While we waited for the movie we went into a store to just look around and went directly to the baby clothes to look for stuff to buy for Liam. We finally get away from him to have some time to ourselves and all we can do is think about him and what he needs. I guess we like him a little bit. We enjoyed our date so much because it's been a little while since we got to go out without Liam. We sure did get to take advantage of being with the family this summer. As long as someone was at home we could put him to bed and then go do whatever we wanted. It was so nice. Liam is not always the easiest kid to watch because he likes to not be happy a lot of the time so we feel bad leaving him with people, but apparently Lisa found a trick because she said he just sat there playing with her keys for like an hour.

Tonight we're going over to Kevin and Lisa's for dinner. We will actually get to have a family dinner where we get to sit around a table because they have a table that fits us. This will also be the first time we have a dinner together where we don't have Hawaiian haystacks or taco salad because Lisa refuses to cater to Kevin's ridiculous pickiness. The end.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Crawling Attempt

I thought I would add a video so people could see Liam in motion. Everyone has been asking Emileah to get a facebook so this last week I made one for her since I knew she would never do it herself. She said she'd never go on it but she's been on it everyday and won't admit it but she loves having it.
We're loving General Conference. It's a lot easier than going to church because when Liam gets tired we can just go put him down for a nap. We get a whole lot more out of it when he's asleep too. Growing up Emileah always got salami and cream cheese during Conference so we've continued that tradition except when I went to the store last night to get the salami I got the wrong kind apparently. It said it was salami but it tastes more like bologna. That's pretty much all that's going on in the Hiatt household. School is going well and Liam is growing up and not crying so often so life is good.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's About Time!

So we started this blog awhile ago but haven't really done anything with it. Everyone keeps getting on us to update it because they want to see pictures of Liam. Anyway, we're back up in Provo going to BYU for one last year (hopefully). Emileah started the semester taking two classes but it was very difficult to juggle Liam with all of the homework she was getting from both classes so she dropped one and that has made it a lot easier. I am taking my last real difficult semester with four engineering classes and working but it hasn't been too bad...yet. Liam is getting to be a college student very early in life because he gets to hang out with us on campus a lot.

So now to update everyone on what they really care about...Liam. He started eating real food about a month ago and he loves it. He's not what you would call a skinny child, so that wasn't much of a shock to us. It's very nice for us because we can just bring some cheerios or something with us wherever we go to keep him busy. He's still the most energetic child we've ever seen. We have all wood floors in our house and he is constantly running circles around the front room in his walker. We LOVE the walker because it lets him entertain himself so we can get stuff done. As I'm writing this he's standing in it below me screaming so apparently it doesn't give him quite enough entertainment. We're trying to get him to figure out the whole crawling thing but he won't have it. He hates being on his stomach. Today at church he did the best so far because we were out with all of the other noisy children and he just laid there on his stomach watching the other kids walk and crawl all over the place. He likes seeing people similar to his size because he's not around them too often. If they get too close he gets scared and starts freaking out and gives one of these faces.
The picture is a little old but he still gives the same face. Emileah really wants us to get a family picture done so we can send it out as a Christmas card or something since we have a real family now. I keep fighting it because I hate the whole picture taking thing but she'll probably win. I think it's time to finish this post because Liam has reached the freak out point.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Liam Easton Hiatt